58 schools completed

School Projects

1. School construction and maintenance

Each year we build from six to eight new schools. Once completed, all schools are continually monitored to ensure that they are well maintained.

2. School supplies and uniforms

At present we have a total of 276 teachers and 8015 students attending the schools that we’ve built. Each year we try to give all the students their notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and one school  uniform. Since we make the school uniforms ourselves in our small factory in Mandalay, this enables us to keep the cost at just over $9 a year for a primary school student and $14 for someone in high school.

3. Scholarship program

In 2012 we began a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to promising high school and college level students whose families have little or no resources.

100schools - Burma - Scholarship program