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On December 1st, the ladies from PACE returned once again to Myanmar. This time around it was not just to build another school but also to open a very fine extensively academic library in both Burmese and English at our high school in Tetma near Bagan. The PACE team was led led by Natalie Kennedy and Mieneke smit Van Dixhoorn along with librarians Kurt Wittig and Thet Han and as always the team was made up of mothers of children who are students at the World University College South East Asia in Singapore.
The PACE team brought with them more than 2600 books in both English and Burmese.
Kurt and Thet gave lectures to both the teachers as well as the students on how the library should function and on how best to make use of it.

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Who are we ?

We are a team of 35 Burmese masons and carpenters led by a Canadian (John D. Stevens) and a Burmese project manager (Maung Maung Gyi). Since 1996, we have been working to improve the economic, health and educational conditions in the villages of Myanmar (Burma)