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Scholarship news

This is Hnaug Ei Phyo . When translated into English her name means Late-Smooth-Growing up.
She is 16 years old and starting her last year of high school which in Myanmar is called 10th standard or grade 11.
Academically she has always been a grade A student but her father is now quite ill and cannot work and as they have no land of their own, the only money they have coming in is from her mother who works in the fields and that is very little.
In order to get through the last year of high school and into university, all students must have extra lessons (tutoring) outside of school hours which they have to pay for, otherwise they have no realistic chance of graduating. As Hnaug Ei Phyo’s family have no means to pay for these lessons, 100 Schools has given her a scholarship.
She is very good with figures and calculating so we have told her that if she sticks with it and graduates from college, she can have a job as the 100 Schools bookkeeper.
She is very grateful that she is now able to continue her studies and go on to university.